Thursday, June 23, 2011


There's no question my mother has been the most influential woman to me. if you know me, ur well aware of this. but Ive recently been moved by women around me in ways I never expected. Even girl friends of mine. Single moms, young moms, etc... my boss for example.

I met her last year when I came in for a job application never expecting to see her in her underwear. (that makes it twice after tonight) no not like that pervert. get yer mind out of the gutter- its a hot summer day we were just kicking it after work.

...neways she and her mother opened up the restaurant where I work now and we sell a lot of old family recipe czech pastries and entrees. The decor to the restaurant is absolutely phenomenal; women flock the place to show it off to their girlfriends, its a mixture of modern contemporary with elegant touches and details everywhere! Everything in the place has a story or meaning, from the extraordinary chandelier, to the colors, german cuckoo clocks, and jellyfish in the bathroom. yes jellyfish. dont believe me. come chk it out. But before I ramble on Ill get to my point, my boss is one of the most inspiring women Ive met recently- she is a mother to the most adorable 6 month year old red head boy and she still manages to run the restaurant everyday. Idk how she does it sometimes I mean even when she was 9 months pregnant she was running around helping us out- Shes a very easy woman to please and asks for very little in return to her unconditional love that she demonstrates to not only us her staff but the customers in general. idk I could go on and on, she lives in a tiny apartment, while she waits to get her house built but doesnt care. I mean she does, but she doesn't fuss over it, she simply dedicates her time and soul into making the best of what she has atm. I love that.

Another woman who recently opened up to me is our dishwasher. Im not going to go into detail with the struggles this woman has endured but I will be one to say that when she opened up to me about deep personal things she has gone through it hit me deep...made me cry... made me wonder why some are more and less fortunate than others. She is now one of my closest friends. A daily reminder of hard work and why I would love to hopefully make an impact on a little girl's life and open up her mind to see outside the box of the culture she is being raised in. Whether u realize it or not the environment you are raised in plays a major role in how your life unfolds in society. idc where u live, until you have traveled you will realize this is true. You have to step outside the boundaries, break them. See life from an outside perspective and visualize the endless possibilities that this world has to offer you. Dont get stuck in one place.

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