Friday, August 26, 2011


Im tired.
constantly....but happier than I've ever been nontheless =D

One of my closest friends is getting married soon wooo

Shout out to all the uplifting inspiring individuals and friends around me lately btw you've all helped so much & I love you. True story.

Everything with my goals in life seem to falling into place, finally.

Its been sort of a scramble though- as I post these titty tuesday posts I dawns on me how quickly each week flies by....ridiculous.

but at the end of the day lately even though im drained not only physically but mentally at times I always wake up to a new project of some sort.

sorta just wish I had time to be bored though- I sorta miss the days where you lay around n do absolutely NOTHING. shit I shouldnt complain though- yea Ill shut up.


also fuck you nightmares...Ive been having the worst nightmares lately- srsly, I need a dream catcher.

oh & also...

I love listening to lies, when I know the Truth.

Ghostpizza's Sunday School w/ ViciouzViv

Friday, August 19, 2011

Khary Kadaver

This is my friend Khary. He's a music genius. He surrounds himself around music 24/7, he teaches it, preaches it, breathes it, and makes it.  He's submerged himself into so many projects so be sure and keep your eye out for him around Austin, Tx.   oh & stop telling him he looks like Laurent off of Twilight, fake ass vampire shit. This man has some raw production. Stay tuned.


Also check out his tumblr account where he takes you on a journey into vinyl exploration, pretty neat stuff:

I Get Around (Khary•Kadaver B-More Edit) (wav)

I Get Around (Khary•Kadaver B-More Edit) (wav) by KHARY KADAVER aka OSIRIS