Friday, August 26, 2011


Im tired.
constantly....but happier than I've ever been nontheless =D

One of my closest friends is getting married soon wooo

Shout out to all the uplifting inspiring individuals and friends around me lately btw you've all helped so much & I love you. True story.

Everything with my goals in life seem to falling into place, finally.

Its been sort of a scramble though- as I post these titty tuesday posts I dawns on me how quickly each week flies by....ridiculous.

but at the end of the day lately even though im drained not only physically but mentally at times I always wake up to a new project of some sort.

sorta just wish I had time to be bored though- I sorta miss the days where you lay around n do absolutely NOTHING. shit I shouldnt complain though- yea Ill shut up.


also fuck you nightmares...Ive been having the worst nightmares lately- srsly, I need a dream catcher.

oh & also...

I love listening to lies, when I know the Truth.

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