Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tigers, Snakes, and Waterparks

So last night I had some pretty crazzzzeh dreams again, before that however I had a dream when I took a nap that I was playing slip and slide on some mattresses behind wal mart.

but neways, in this one I was walking around some huge water park somewhere in South America that was located within a jungle- Ive had this dream a lot actually- and its pretty rad...the slides are amongst the trees and the pools all look sorta murky and creepy and there's tons of them everywhere. You sorta feel like your in some sort of Eden's garden....but yea- I always manage to get lost....and wander deep into the jungle and last night I wandered off with some family members and then I came to a clearing where I heard this heavy purring/growl...then I looked and there was a white tiger walking towards me- the animal was enormous and gave off such an overpowering vibe...but I wasnt scared....the only thing that did scare me was a snake I happened to see at my feet all of a sudden hiding under this fern, it was speaking to me but I didnt understand it- and I knew somehow that the tiger was trying to actually protect me from it....that was it.

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