Saturday, June 4, 2011

Clouds of death

Ive fallen into these very odd sleeping patterns- woke up at dawn this morning then fell back asleep....into some out of this world dreams. It sorta creeped me out- I mean I have crazy dreams all the time (going to parks with elephants who have woman human legs with brightly colored gem heels as their trunks for example) yea. No I dont take drugs.

ok so in last night's dream we were on a set filming a movie- but the creatures where real- these werent costumes...there was women with animal heads and I was the director there, somehow we knew something bad was about to happen, the skies all turned this fiery red and dark clouds rolled in with super bright lightening- I was really gloomy so I took my car and I guess my body gave out bc next thing I know I was laying in the street right in the middle of an intersection and I was stunned I hadnt been run over but when I woke up I realized that there were abandoned cars everywhere and nothing but emergency crews running around- so I woke up covered in ashes and started walking down this bridge over a highway at sunset came onto a wooden boardwalk that led to the site where all these animal/human people were and said good-bye.... I came to this bench sat down and tried taking photos of a vast sunflower field right as the sun was setting and then I woke up.


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