Sunday, June 19, 2011

Big Ups 2 all da Pops

my dad out in Big Bend as a river guide

I wont go into detail on how I grew up all I will tell you is I was definitely blessed to be surrounded by some pretty rad men growing up. I stand by the words- "There's many men out there that can have a baby, but it takes a real man to be a dad" -so I hope you wished a Happy Fathers Day to any influential male role-model in your life; whether it be a grandfather, step-father, brother....

There's a lot of good men out there- w/ big hearts. dont wrry baby cakes- love will find u.

I love my dad, a lot of who I am is mainly due to you dad- although I dont get sarcasm well- Im still much of a smart ass just like you. I just "get" music fundamentals bc of you and your extreme skills as a drummer. My father is a one of the sickest drummers Ive ever listened to, better than most my friends. srry guys. true story. We still have a set of 80s Remo double bass drums in our living room which he plays from time to time LOUDLY & never fails to brings back vivid memories of him playing them in our house and out at shows growing up as a kid. I remember he even bought me a mini drum set that I never really got into hahaha. =D

Im driven, passionate, and very well independent minded just like you- Im able to rely solely on myself and feel and know that I dont have to depend on anyone else, especially a man... its liberating. Im thankful I was raised with this mentality that I can do anything I want... anything I dream up can become a reality. I have strong faith in myself as a woman. I've acquired your ability to know how to talk to people and conjure them into helping me achieve my goals, whatever they may be- & Im also quite content with being by alone and exploring the world alone especially by myself out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature away from the city lights bc of you.

my brother and I =))

To my brother, who was raised with me growing up. Hes definitely played a very influential part in my life- he's pretty rad. A true genius if I must say. Ill always remember him kicking me out of his wicked room full of bookshelves and crazy science projects scattered all around. He was an honor student and he came up with crazy inventions like gathering bones from dead birds around telephone poles and putting them together to make a mini dinosaur skeleton exhibit. He also worked out this mechanic where he could turn off the light switch from his bed with strings and tacks used as pulleys lol- I thought it was ingenious. He's still like that till this day! & although my brain will never be as brilliant and creative as his, I did acquire a lot of my studying habits and passion to want to learn about history & culture from him. I love joo long time even though u would use my favorite spoon to eat your big bowls of cereal everyday after school. =)

Neways Feliz dia del Tata =) bye.

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