Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Its Titty Tuesday FTW! YESSSSSS!

mhmmmm mhhhmmmmmmm

Beautiful morning.

So during work around 8am this woman frantically rushes in and hands me this birthday coffee mug and tells me to please serve her husbands coffee in it to surprise him =) She played it off so cool so I went along with it and you could just tell how much thought she had put into this after so many years of being married Im sure... We began to talk and as she was speaking to me you could just tell by the way her husband looked at her he was still madly head over heels for this woman, I mean he was looking at her with so much endearment as if he had just laid eyes on her. Who's to blame him though, with such a bubbly personality and so much spark this woman radiated so much positive energy- we spoke about that. about how positive thinking can get you anything you want in life and how even being in a parking lot and wishfully thinking ull find a spot close by its there BAM just magically appears! no joke, i play that game at lights- and it works most of the time lol. we spoke about our favorite authors and serendipity.

Serendipity. one of my favorite words. a fortunate accident. =) destiny. <3 Im an avid believer in these things^ to make my point, this woman finally gets around to asking me my name. turns out she and I have the same name and were born in the same place. so I go on to tell our chef of the incidents that just happened and I ramble on talking about how I was craving a raspberry pastry bc I bought some fresh ones last night and was thinking of asking her for ideas on to making some sort of cake with them when she just smiles and pull out a linzer tort from the oven that she had just baked with raspberries, farmers cheese, & almonds.

enough said.

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