Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12

I cant remember the last time I was genuinely this happy. Fulfillment. Its funny how even though at one point certain times in your life seem like utter downfalls they always have a purpose and things usually end up falling into place. There's so many choices and lifestyles being lived and made every singe day. It can be work or relationship related, it doesnt matter- how big or how small- its these choices that lead or close new chapters in our lives. Its like a massive complicated puzzle where you have to try and fit pieces together and eventually all the pieces will finally come together and ull take a few steps back look at the big picture and realize how inconsequential these moments truly were, well I take that back- sort of. They are important bc they shape who you are, help you discover new passions, empower you, and also most importantly help you see what you DONT want.... but the moments where you think u will never smile again, not be able to find another job, or currently have a job that is no yet bringing you the success you expect, or find another person that will make you feel complete again DO come to an end....not saying you wont think or wonder what things could have been like bc we all do, its human just have to remember that you can not waste time pondering over these decisions or what could have been- you have to work with what you have make the best of what you have and aspire to move on. Why hold on to the negative energy, why waste time? life's too really it is- your going to move on, you will be ok, you will smile again, so why not help yourself out by taking the initial first step and just let go- take one final breath dont hold on and let go.

Ive sat and thought about this passed year- its been quite a year for me, Ive learned so much about myself- the value of real friends, real people, friends who become like family....Ive come to a point where I dont care to impress anyone and its very fulfilling to have friends around me now that truly value who I am genuinely. Even the bad decisions I've made have helped me. Ive stopped explaining myself or defending my beliefs and decisions, I just go with them full-heartedly even if they dont make sense to anyone else, idc- they make me happy...I like the feeling, I like being loved for me. Try it. stop pretending.

Washed Out - Olivia

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