Monday, June 6, 2011

Tortillas, Pirates, and Sunsets

LOL!!! What a crazy crazy dream- In the dream I just woke up from I was on this cruise ship running around bc this woman had told me I needed a vacation- somehow though I ran into my grandmothers house which is in Mexico and she was making tortillas that smelled wonderful! haha and so I took one and nibbled away at it as I walked around the shop then I got a text from my boss saying I had work at 11 the next day so I started rushing to do a bunch of things- I put on an elegant dress and then I walked down into the cruise ships dance hall and was handed two bottles of very fancy mixers so I started walking downstairs to celebrate idk what- then this guy with long hair caught my eye and I knew I had to follow him I then stupidly fell down the escalators bc I tried going down the ones that were rising not going down and I fell onto him but he caught me- then he told me that he had been waiting for me all his life bc I didnt know this but the woman who gave me the cruise tickets was in reality my sister and he had been in love with her his whole life and was expecting to see her and he knew she was no longer in love with him =( then he grabbed this real fancy gold embedded knife with animal bone and stabbed himself!! =o then this other crazy smelly pirate came running out screaming and jumped off the ship for no reason whatsoever! so I ran away panicked thinking oh my I must get out of here and I have to work! So I end up back at my grandmother's house and hurry to take a shower- right then a beautiful woman comes in and says she needs to hurry and get ready too so she asks if we can shower together n I say sure w/e. All of a sudden though she tries to seduce me and I get all weirded out bc I realize its a she-man....and I get upset with her for tricking me. I get out of the shower and finish getting ready in a public bathroom and this other woman comes in and says I see you've met yada yada and laughs and says she always does that- so I leave there and head out and the dream skips to me being out by a lake at sunset on a picnic- I cant see the guys face but he puts his arm around me and just smiles at me- then I woke up.

Good morning.

None of the occurrences in this dream have anything to do with my waking life at all- srsly idk what my brain does to me sometimes.
penis lake zak escalators ship man port o pot

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