Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trance...I need to feed my body with TLC

So these passed couple days have been a whirlwind...Fun never stops...what is sleep? oh yea that heavy lidded feeling I got driving home this morning. Never has a damn McDonalds coffee tasted so good.


I am very much blessed. So BLESSED =) So many things have started to fall into place and with each show & day that passes that I gain more and more confidence that what Im doing does have a purpose....& that Im not wearing myself thin for a far fetched dream. the dream is becoming reality. i love it.

although- I am missing some TLC. I need to prioritize and regain some energy back asap. I need to go outside more, get more sleep, and walk barefoot n feel the dirt and grass under my feet between my toes.

damn it I need trees and sunshine- although I do love my night skies.

& although I havent been drinking much.... I still feel messy, tired, & super unorganized. Ive learned these passed few days that I cant overcommit myself bc I tend to overwhelm myself with too much when I get anxious & excited with new opportunities.

I dont wait around, I know what I want & I act on it.

Guess I just need to re-focus.

I need to feed my brain some good reads, replenish my body with vitamins and healthy hearty meals, get sleep. Not coffee....energy drinks...and snack bars... =x

Thank goodness for everyone around me lately- if your reading and have been around recently you know who you are....

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