Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Im just going to come come out of my comfort zone and talk to you. REAL TALK.

Ive come to terms that you cant ever please everyone....especially when you are involved working in the night scene.

I never really quite understood what some of my friends who've been at it for years meant when they said it was like living a double life.  Until now.

People are so quick to judge every step you make, every action, every word...always analyzing.  

You just have to come to terms with knowing and realizing that sometimes the more successful you are the more envious some people get and some will jump on any opportunity to take a low blow, point a finger and take advantage of you.  Theres some really nasty people out there.

But then again, there's also real genuine people- people who want to help...that are doing whatever it is they do for the pure love and passion of it. Be smart, pick your friends wisely.

Surround yourself with people who see passed all the bullshit and are able to put that aside and appreciate you for the real person you are.  The ones that are able to recognize your talent but still be able to push all that bogus glitz and glam to the side and even call you out on your bullshit when you start acting like a diva haha 

Ive been posting some pretty crazy chit online...& honestly the feedback I get is funny. & interesting...
Theres so many points of views, opinions, etc... some people laugh, some get  offended, some get straight up pissed, but most dont care...I dont care.  but do remember that when I post shit like "babes, come party...yada yada yada" its all in good fun- if you dont like it, srry- but GET OVER IT and get out. ha I dont have time to deal with negative energy.  Have some humor though and realize that most of the stuff you read online is only what people want you to see anyways.  Whether it be just to grab your attention to promote, etc...its essentially what you want the world to see- facebook, tumblr, twitter, etc all those networks allow you to express yourself and project an image.  Haha makes you realize we are all so damn nosy! 

idk, man... thats the irony, a lot of what I post is an exaggeration of my rambunctious side...and I want to thank and remind everyone around me at this point of my life who is aware of that and still loves & respects me for me.

Point is babiez, dont believe everything you see on the interwebz...theres more to life than what you read on here.

On that note, here's some good music I wanna share with you...oh and titties for Tuesday.
Disco Disco woooo!

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