Sunday, May 29, 2011

childhood memories

funny how influences stick with you as you grow, I used to write out lyrics in a journal to every single song in every cassette tape I owned and they were all spanish speaking rapper girls so they were endless- thats how I taught myself how to write spanish btw- oddly enough. chyyyeeeaaaaa booooooi oh chit! ja I was always a rambunctious kid man I remember I got a karaoke box for christmas one year and I was rapping as fast as I could to break a record and my little sister got in the way of the video but I never noticed until the end when I played it back on the tv and I was so frustrated- looking at it now its the funniest video ever- but I still dig music like this here: bon apetit

Miss Bolivia ft. Ali Gua Gua- Alta yama (video oficial)

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